10 April 2008

It's been a while my friends ... and I am truly sorry, BUT I have finished 3 projects. I only have photos of one at the moment but the other 2 will follow shortly I promise!

So the reason why it's been so long I'
m sure you are all wondering why? NEW JOB!! Yeay!! I'm now working back in a Library which makes me happy again :)

And as for projects finished ... Firstly I finished the 1950's Cardigan, secondly I knitted a skirt from this Springs Interweave Knits and lastly I combined a combination of patterns together to make this
boat neck cable jumper:

It looks better on, but nobody was a round to take a picture of me!! More photos of other projects soon.

Me and DB or should I say Darling Fiancee. Anyway, we had a small break to Stonehenge a couple of weeks ago, the weather was dreadful but we had a wonderful time, the B&B was really great too!! We've both been many time before but the area has got such a lot to see that we thought it was worth seeing again.

We took a trip to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and saw this great Citreon 2CV, which was inspired by Piccaso!! My brother collect's 2CV's and if I had the chance I one have one too!!

15 February 2008

Show and tell ...? Well sort of!

My 1950's fitted Cardigan still isn't quite finished, (as you can see), but I've been promising pictures for weeks now and felt like I should! She looks a lot better on, but I'm sure she looks even better finished!! Damn you small needles!

I just popped into my local charity shop and found these cones of lambswool for 50p each!! B-A-R-G-A-I-N! I love charity :)

And finally I've started something before I've finished something, what a suprise!! I know, tusk!!, I thought I'd give the Gathered Pullover a go from Interwaeve Knits Winter 2007.
I thought a lovely deep purple would be nice, you can't really tell in the picture though :(

The only problem is ... I've NEVER done any kind of cable before, so if anybody has any words of wisdom before I start, it would be much appriciated!!

Thank you friends!

09 February 2008

I relented ... Buttons it is!! Sorry Cherry, I tried both the Kilt pin and a belt, neither of which were very flatering on my frame, can't say the buttons are either really, but I like them a lot better now.

Even got all dresed up in the Cardi and went out to see Laura Veirs play in Oxford last night. She was great, very funny and seems to have a quilting fetish .. so she's all good in my book!!

Plus I have new "old" boots .. I know it's not a craft thing, but I need to show them off, sorry people!!

I bought them from America, and I beleive their around the Civil War Era, they fit me like a glove, their too cool for school ladies!! ;)

I only have the edging left to do on my 1950's fitted cardigan, so expect photos soon!

03 February 2008

New things to show ... So I still haven't finished the 1950's fitted cardigan, damn those small needles, but the weather made me finish some chunkyer items before the delicate 1950's spring cardigan.

As a lot of people have done already, I decided to knit Drops Design "Eskimo" Jacket

I decided not to put any buttons on it, thought I'd go for a big kilt pin, something like that ... but then I wore it and decided to knit a chunky moss stitch belt for it. More picture when thats done.

Dad needed a new scarf so I saw this excellent fast and funky pattern by Vickie Howell and thought I'd give it a go :) Unfortunatley I didn't have a big enough crohet hook, or enough yarn, so I decided to alter the pattern. Then it turned into a neck warmer instead of a scarf, which was more what my pa wanted anyway, which was great!! Bonus :)

20 January 2008

And here we have another creation to stop me from working on the one thing i REALLY want to get finished!!

A lovely little warm cardigan for DB's second cousin who was born just before Christmas. I've made it a wee bit on the large side so she can grow into it. It was all my own creation and it was all to use up some of my stash, I love it when a plan comes together!!!

Just before Christmas I bought some tags to sew into all the Christmas pressies I knitted (and then forgot to take pictures of before I wrapped them!) anyway .. I'm now determined to sew one of these tags in every creation I make.

The progress has been, what you might call .. painfully slow with my 1950's cardigan. I'm now just left with one sleeve, the edging and the yoke, JUST!!

More pictures soon :)

10 January 2008

Progress has been sooo slow .. I seem to have started and stopped around 4 or 5 different knits. Oh and Happy New Year to you all!! :)

I received lots of knitting books for Christmas which was mucho wonderful, but I believe this made it allot more difficult to set my mind on something to knit, too many choices you see.

I finally decided to go for something I've been meaning to knit for a long time now, and something not from one of my new books at all!! Whoops ;)

This is the pattern I've gone for, a nice fitted 1950's cardigan, with some left over wash and wear I had in a fetching mustard colour.
Here's my progress so far, back, and left front. It's taking a while because of the small needles ... but it's going OK.

In the meantime I got on with making a long over due needle bag. So I haven't been slaking .. honest gov!!

24 December 2007

Happy Christmas Eve people!

Me and DB bought a real Christmas Tree last Saturday, like we normally do.

We'd both had colds but were wondering why we weren't getting any better, if anything i felt as if I was getting worse, then suddenly we both started to brake out with skin problems, which is when we realised we were allergic to our Christmas tree :( So yesterday out it went!!

We still had the stump of last years tree as DB had grown quite attached to it, so we popped the light's on it and now it's our unconventional Christmas tree :)

And lastly, I especially knitted a beautiful chunky Fuchsia Jumper to go with the 1970's patterned skirt i made the other day (pictures to follow) for Christmas day. Hope you all have a great one, especially all you with wonderful new arrivals.

14 December 2007

So many things have been knitted .... so many Christmas presents. I'm hoping all will be happily or comedicly received, but you know what it's like when your knitting for mostly guys!!

So lots of things can't be shown as of yet, plus like the clumsy bumbling fool that I am, I dropped my camera whilst it's zoom was out, so I've fully knacked it, and I'm sure it's a little too late for father Christmas to get one time now!

On the other hand, I had a few left over creations that I thought I'd see if anyone else might like for Christmas, so I've popped them on eBay,

Flower Brooch -- This one's gone people, but i'm making more!! Watch this space :)

Patchwork Purse

04 December 2007

The wedding was beautiful ... Kenilworth Castle is a great setting for a beautiful occasion, if not a little too cold on December 1st!

Here is the Long Coat with Chevron Lace from Fitted Knits, in action :)

I did regret the 3 inch (Beautiful wooden heels ... oh how I love you!) Seen as thought I'm one hell of a flat footed lady :) Everyone loved the Cardigan and I even got a business proposition from it, which was surprising, but very nice.

Here's me and DB, looming in the Gatehouse doorway

I'm still ploughing through the Knitted Christmas present list, so nothing to show you .... but I did knit a flower brooch for my friends birthday tomorrow. Hope she'll like it?

29 November 2007

I finished the 'Long Coat with Chevron Lace' from Fitted Knits a good couple of weeks back, but I've been holding back the surprise because I didn't want anyone to see it before the wedding, but I couldn't wait any longer. It was such a great item to knit.

Materials used 9mm circular bamboo needles (I l-o-v-e bamboo needles)
Just over 200g of Marble chunky & just over 200g black dk, so altogether it was made for the bargain price of around £9 English pounds ... BARGAIN!!

I did a few alterations of the bust (because I don't have one) other than that it was such smooth sailing :)

Fitted Knits truly is a beautiful pattern bible!

Next on the agenda was to teach myself how to crochet .. the silly thing was I had never really ever thought to learn. I suppose I never thought of it as a hugely desirable skill ... I mean I had never really seen any patterns that had taken my fancy etc ... but then I started to buy Vogue's Knit.1 which has a great mix of knitting and crochet patterns in it, all of which are either drop dread beautiful or hugely quirky ... What is obviously me in a nut shell ... yeah right!! hehe ...

Anyway so I've started crocheting a market bag for my mum to use for her weekly shop to Tesco's ... Ban the plastic bag i say!! No photos as yet but I will share soon.

And lastly here's a picture of my pride and joy in the snow we had recently :)